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“If you get, give. If you learn, teach.” - Maya Angelou


Join the movement


Purchase a meaningful gift from our Bops store and join us in giving back to empower the women from our sewing project in Rajamundry India. A percentage of profits is returned to our Bops program enabling women and young girls to rise above their circumstance and make a contribution to their communities. 

Live Creatively, Give Freely


Bops is a initiative by women making a difference in the world and we’re doing it thanks to your support and a mission to give back in all that we do.


Among the areas we give back is a rural community in India. 13 years ago we initiated a sewing program, teaching underprivileged Dalit women a vital skill they could use to support and take care of their families. At the end of the program, graduates are given a sewing machine of their own. Since then, over 260 women have graduated from our year-long, fully-funded sewing class. Since graduation, these women have gone on to start their own home sewing business in their communities where they also share their faith and empowerment in their community.


Building hope for the future


Our current goal is to build a permanent sewing facility for these women. We have already purchased the land and are ready for the next step – which is phase 1 of building. The plan is to build a 3 story facility that will house the sewing school as well as a meeting place for the community. Our goal is to raise $100,000+ Phase 1 will cost $35,000, followed by Phase 2 & 3 at $30,000 each. In addition to the funds needed to raise the building, the annual teacher salary is $6,000 and the annual cost of the sewing machines for the women is $2,500. Please join us in giving towards this endeavor – help change the lives of many unreached Dalits with a positive focus and effective skills.

We know that female leaders have a lot to contribute to their communities, which is why we are so passionate in investing in women’s education, whether they are thousands of miles away or right in our own backyard.


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