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HE WALKS WITH ME: Book 1 of the Caleb Saga


He Walks With Me is a biographical novel based on the journeys of Rev. A.S.K Caleb. Born into a Brahmin caste in South India, Krishnamoorthy is disowned when he embraces the Christian faith. His quest takes him through unlikely miracles, relationships in different continents, a romance designed by faith and ultimate tests of courage. Told from the pen of a mysterious traveler, we are taken on a journey set at the brink of World War II through six decades of changing times, from the slums and cities of India, East Asia, and England, to a quiet town in East Tennessee where he discovers that even the simplest of men can possess the richest of legacies.


A virtuous life lived with authenticity:

This is an authentic story told with compassion, honesty and respect. The author is clever with the juxtaposition of his own journey "home" and the story of his father's unique life, a life lived with integrity and humbleness. It is refreshing to engage such virtues in an appealing and dynamic context.​

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IN HIS TIME - Sequel to "He Walks With Me"


In His Time is the sequel biographical novel to he Walks With Me, spanning a decade. At the turn of the millennium, young Jeremiah embarks on a journey in search of his destiny in the big city. Grieving the loss of his father and navigating through hardships, he encounters humorous relationships, unexpected love and divine miracles. Expressed with love letters, we are taken on a parallel journey from the rich cities of America to the slums of India where faith redeems the time that has been lost and reveals that the most ordinary of men can partake in an extraordinary calling.


The story of a man following dreams, finding himself and finding his love

The story about a young man finding his path to becoming a strong, responsible man. The story of an actor struggling deeply with his dreams and finding a beginning of success. The story of a lonely man finding community of fellow travelers. The story of a man with love in his heart and creating his love story with his angel from the other side of the world.
This book is easy to read, packed with details and descriptions that allow you to feel and know New York City, Delhi and the people Jeremiah lives and moves with. I became engrossed in the story and knew it was one of those types of books that you do not want to end. And as it came to the final pages and ended, I had to cry and laugh at all the marvelous threads coming together and creating a tapestry of love, a new home and dreams.

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