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CHF has adopted destitute children through Bhagya. Most of these children are partially or completely orphaned. We generate long term sponsors from America to invest in individual children. Bhagya, an Indian based non-profit organization is a partner of the Caleb Hope Foundation, that is dedicated to encouraging, educating and empowering young children in Bangalore's slums by offering them the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and crime through a strong education, health care, and a sense of belonging. 

Your monthly sponsorship of a child allows us to provide school fees, uniform, basic nutrition through the school's partnership with the Indian government, direct follow-up, and administrative costs. 



Bangalore is India's third largest city. It is currently one of Asia's rapidly developing metropolitans in wealth and industry. However it also remains the home to some of the continent's worse slums. Children live in 70-square foot shanties that can house to as many of six families. Most of these homes are located in low lying areas that are affected by flooding during the monsoon season. Our focus on education allows for our children to rise above their circumstance and look toward a hope-filled future. 


70% - School Fees
12% - Uniform

8% - Books

5% - Extra Curricular

15% - Admin 





Bi Yearly




$420 at the beginning of billing year

$210 at the beginning and mid year

$109 every 3 months

$35per month


  • CHF provides a yearly report of each child through personal interactions made by a compassion team member.

  • Sponsors are provided with a case history of their child, recent photos, and a breakdown of how their money is being spent.

  • CHF will e-mail each sponsor a receipt every time a contribution is received.

  • For the children’s protection, all letters and gifts to the children are filtered through CHF and the respective projects.

  • Long term sponsors are encouraged to apply to join a short term compassion team and visit their child.

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