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MARCH- Our Bhagya Girls Prep For Success

The girls outside the Bhagya Center.

Even as we spring forward this week into new beginnings and promise, our Bhagya sisters in Bangalore India take steps forward in furthering their education, thanks to your support and the recent addition of new sponsors.

This year we worked through a number of new government regulations, due to which our 5 home-based girls moved into boarding schools - Nisha (13), Sneha (8), Pooja (9) and Poorna (6) now live at lodging provided at their school.  They come home most weekends and on all holidays and have adjusted well to their new environment.  They look out for each other and band together and it is truly heartwarming to witness their sisterhood.

Jyothi (16) had a fantastic year!  She completed her 10th grade board exams with a grade of 73% and was able to get a merit scholarship to a science-based college.  We are so very proud of her journey and remember the frightened little curly-haired girl who came to us over 10 years ago.  She is now a confident young lady, keen to make her way in the world.

Our 62 sponsored girls study in 9 different schools and 2 colleges and we cover their education and medical needs.  We coordinate periodic meetings with them so they continue to have a sense of family in us and in each other.  During these meetings they are also given 1 on 1 counseling to address emotional challenges that they face.  Each of these girls is being raised by a single parent who is under considerable financial strain and we are eager to help more of them.  The annual cost of educating each child is anywhere between $250-$650 (INR 15,000 – 40,000) depending on their grade.

This year we trained 22 young women who had dropped out of school.  Our training covers Computer basics or Tailoring depending on their interest, as well as spoken english and personality development.

Last week, 8 girls girls met at the Bhagya Center to discuss their their stress and fears in relation to their exams. They were motivated to do their best and trust in God.  It ended with lunch and prayer.  Sharon, Bhuvaneshwari, Diana, Chandrakala, Jansi, Nivadita and Gayathri appear for 10th grade exam which stars on 21 March and Rexi Mari appears for her 12th exam which start on 01st March. Please keep them in your thoughts.

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